A Venture Development Firm

Opus Faveo is a venture development firm that identifies opportunities to create scalable, world-class companies, often working in conjunction with large organizations such as universities, corporates and governments. We assemble components for a successful venture and nurture startups from the earliest stages to maturity and exit.

Our Interests:

  • Startup Formation, Acceleration and Turnarounds
  • Innovation Commercialization by Universities and Research Institutions
  • Public Policy on Innovation Development and Commercialization
  • Corporate Innovation, Spin-Outs and Strategic Alliances
  • International and Multinational Startups

Our Name

Our name reflects our view that assembling and building a new venture is difficult - extremely so. The founders, the sponsors, the management team, the early employees, the myriad supporters are all facing an immense challenge in bringing a vision to life.

Tearing apart their dreams is easy. Solving challenges is the hard part, and the most interesting.

Friends bring us together and make us better. Opus Faveo is a friend to the creative endeavor - and to the dreamers crazy enough to think big.

Opus Faveo. Befriending the creative endeavor.