"When creating a new venture, one is creating a story, a path, a history.  Make it a good one."

Opus Faveo began as curiosity, a desire to help others, and an interest in economic development.  It grew into a research project.  And eventually, it became a firm striving to innovate innovation by building scalable companies from the ground up.

The Idea

After many years of independently co-founding, advising, investing in and participating with new ventures, its founders began laying the foundation for Opus Faveo in 2006.  Initially a research initiative focused on new venture formation and innovation commercialization, Opus Faveo grew note by note and brick by brick.

The Opus Faveo Project

Recruited to the idea of innovating innovation, a team of talented individuals conducted both primary and secondary research on the venture capital industry, entrepreneurship (especially for scalable companies), and the challenges of policy makers internationally in fostering development through for-profit venture creation. After the initial phase of research, the Opus Faveo project added limited support activities for start-ups, mostly as a framework to house the ad hoc activities of its principals. Research continued. 

The Founding

Finally in 2011, the Opus Faveo project formally launched as a new venture in its own right:

Logol Transparent

Building on its research foundation, and continually inspired by its initial goal of innovating innovation and befriending creative endeavors, Opus Faveo continues to grow and evolve.  

Thank you to all of our many friends and supporters, without whom inspiration would not have become a building, and individual notes would not have begun to coalesce into a symphony.

Opus Faveo. A long term vision. Research based. Building stories.