The Institute for Innovation Development and Enterprise Acceleration

Opus Faveo created the Institute for Innovation Development and Enterprise Acceleration (the IDEA Institute) as an initiative designed to be a source of private sector thought leadership on innovation and innovation policy. In addition, the Institute, through its IDEA Fellowship programs, creates opportunities for talented individuals to contribute to, and benefit from, research and venture development projects.


  • Improving humanity’s ability to commercialize the wondrous inventions coming out of laboratories around the world.
  • Increasing success rates for new ventures of all types globally.
  • Developing dynamic, growing companies.
  • Helping leaders and policy-makers invest resources more wisely to accomplish innovation objectives.
  • Creating valuable job opportunities for young people and senior executives alike, and empowering them to build dreams, generate economic growth and create even more such job opportunities.


  • Publishing of timely and high quality proprietary research on innovation and innovation policy.
  • Analytical and research support for Opus Faveo portfolio companies, including industry and competitive research, market analysis and forecasting, and consumer research and analytics.
  • Training of high-talent individuals in leading edge innovation research and venture development.
  • Identify and promulgate policies that create more commercially viable innovation and increase the odds of success for new ventures.
  • Develop new approaches to spurring commercial innovation

Research Focus

The aim of the IDEA Institute's research is to develop a better understanding of the effectiveness of various approaches to spurring scalable commercial innovation and to develop new techniques to create more successful ventures.

  • Innovating innovation - new approaches for fostering the creation and development of scalable commercial ventures.
  • Innovation policy - examination of  innovation goals, tools, challenges and effectiveness for policy-makers in government, quasi-governmental agencies, and multilateral agencies.
  • Corporate innovation - study of tools and challenges for developing and managing innovation in middle market, large cap and multinational corporations. 
  • Technology commercialization - research on mechanisms and effectiveness of technology commercialization by universities and other public and private research institutions.
  • Executive entrepreneurship - study of the challenges of entrepreneurship for professionals with 10+ years of experience in industry, generally at a managerial or executive level.

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