Venture Creation

"The truest form of venture development is venture creation. It's also the most difficult"

In venture development, one assembles the components to create a new, scalable venture. But for Opus Faveo, we generally look for key partnerships in order to launch the new venture: corporates, research institutions, governments, executives. These partnerships spark the venture development process, not with capital, but with a key puzzle component around which we build the new venture.

Sometimes, however, we see a market opportunity that lends itself to creating a venture. The de novo venture is developed completely in house. As with any venture development project, we assemble the components to create the venture. In this case, though, the original spark comes from within Opus Faveo


Innovation is Sometimes Fiendishly Simple

As airplanes with jet engines took over for propeller-driven planes, navies operating aircraft carriers faced a problem. Jets needed to land at much higher speeds than propeller planes. As such, pilots had much less time to adjust their flight path to the desired angle of descent. Until this time, a person would stand on the deck with brightly-colored paddles and visually estimate the flight path of the oncoming plane, giving hand signals to the pilot to direct adjustments. At higher speeds, this did not work.

Lieutenant Commander H. C. N. Goodhart RN of the UK devised a solution using basic optics. By shining a light away from the pilot towards an angled mirror, the light could be reflected back to the pilot at a specific and constant angle, which could be set to the desired flight path. If the pilot kept the light in his sights, the plane would maintain the correct flight path and land safely.

A simple mirror ushered in the jet age for aircraft carriers.

Venture Creation Process

As with other forms of venture development undertaken by Opus Faveo (Corporate & Institutional  and Entrepreneurial Development), we take that spark and build upon it.

  • Initial concept development
  • Market research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Business plan development
  • Financial analysis
  • Organizational planning
  • Recruit leadership team

If we believe the concept has merit, and if we can launch it, Opus Faveo is then involved as a founding partner over the long-term, providing ongoing support and maintaining an ownership stake.

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