Innovation solves problems, creates jobs,
generates economic growth, and gives purpose.

Our mission is to make the world better by fostering innovation.

An Venture Development Firm

Opus Faveo was founded to identify and tackle the challenges of innovation, with a focus on the intersection of invention and commercial markets.

To that end, we operate in two complementary areas: venture development and innovation policy. The hands-on work of building new ventures gives us a greater understanding of the challenges large organizations have in fostering innovation. Our high-level work with governments, universities and corporations provides us a broader understanding of innovation trends, as well as more tools and connections to increase the probability of success for Opus Faveo ventures.

Venture Development

Opus Faveo works to maximize success for innovative ventures across the maturity spectrum. It's what we call Venture Development, or "VenDev".

True VenDev: At the earliest stages, we identify compelling opportunities to create scalable, world-class companies. We seek out and assemble the components for a successful venture, and then we nurture that entity from it's founding to maturity. Our activities change over time as the needs of the venture change, but Opus Faveo remains embedded in the venture. We take a founder's equity stake, then reduce our ownership stake over time as the entity raises capital, recruits team members, and otherwise grants ownership interest. Generally Opus Faveo ends up with more of its compensation at risk than any other party in the venture. It's what investors call "skin in the game", and we usually have a lot.

VenDev Support: Opus Faveo also supports innovators and startups at all stages of their entrepreneurial journey. We develop a long-term plan that rationalizes spending at all stages, seeks to avoid costly mistakes, all while keeping things flexible so that the entity can learn and pivot as it develops. It's startup "triage". We then provide the services the venture needs, right when they are needed. Our flexible payment structure allows the fast-growing venture to get the additional resources they need from a seasoned team that knows how to build innovative companies. And we work, we don't just advise.

We work well with founders, investors, and traditional accelerators and incubators because our involvement fills gaps and increases the probability of success. That's something that everyone can agree they want.

Institutional & Corporate Innovation Strategy Advisory

Through our Institutional & Corporate Innovation practice, Opus Faveo provides comprehensive assistance to corporations, universities and governmental entities that want to foster innovation. Our seasoned team brings decades of experience in board rooms and working on global policy issues to matters of innovation policy.

We offer tailored solutions to the challenges these enterprises and institutions face, including:

  • Goal setting and establishment of an Innovation Policy
  • Peer identification and assessment
  • Benchmarking
  • Innovation audit
  • Portfolio assessment
  • KPI establishment and tracking

We offer experience, rigor and independence to enterprise-level innovation activities in order to measure and maximize their effectiveness. It's innovation policy without the politics.

In addition, Opus Faveo conducts independent, high-quality research to develop actionable intelligence on innovation for policy makers. We study the effectiveness of policies aimed at fostering innovation, conduct surveys to assess attitudes, and assemble data on innovation-related activities. We also collaborate with other thought leaders and institutions to develop new, cross-disciplinary insights on innovation.

The Opus Faveo corporate and institutional practice is all about empowering leaders to get more impact from their innovation investment.

Our Name

Our name reflects the view that assembling and building a new venture is difficult - extremely so. The founders, the sponsors, the management team, the early employees, the myriad supporters are all facing an immense challenge in bringing a vision to life. Tearing apart their dreams is easy. Solving challenges is the hard part, and the most interesting.

Our name comes from Latin, an early lingua franca, and for centuries, the global language of science, learning and innovation.

opus = a creative endeavor

faveo = to support and befriend

Innovation is about dreams and the passion to make things better.
A new venture is the opus of its founders.

Innovation, like any true opus, is exceedingly difficult. And while it is an adventure, it is usually a lonely one.

Friends encourage us
and make us better.
Opus Faveo is a friend
to the creative endeavor.
And to the dreamers
crazy enough to think big.

Opus Faveo

Opus Faveo. Befriending the creative endeavor.