Post-Pandemic Scenarios – Supply Chain – Second in a Series

Covid-19 has profoundly affected commerce and global trade.  New consumer patterns are emerging, which will persist after the pandemic ebbs.  We project three lasting changes to supply chain strategy. “Last Mile” Disintermediation – growth in direct delivery; decline in brick and mortar A fundamental shift in the risk vs. cost tradeoff Rethinking global supply chain […]

Post-Pandemic Scenarios Higher Education

We think that higher education is ripe for disruption and COVID-19 has accelerated this disruption. The advancement of digital technologies for online instruction and work from home being the new normal, colleges and universities need to come up with innovative ways to enhance the experience of students. The coronavirus pandemic will profoundly change our view […]

The Innovation Impact of U.S. Universities

Report from Opus Faveo and the the Bush Institute connects innovation activities to economic growth and prosperity and provides recommendations for institutions and policymakers. America’s long-term economic growth demands a stepped-up commitment to promoting the innovation impact of the nation’s top-tier universities and other research institutions. For a free download, continue reading and scroll to […]

Energy Transformation Trends and Drivers 1990-2040

The global economy depends on energy. Access to low-cost and abundant energy, most of it based on fossil fuels, has enabled rapid economic progress among developed nations over the past century. As development progresses and global incomes increase, and as that progress expands to include more of the global population the demand for energy will […]

University Technology Commercialization Survey: Final Report

Universities want to have an impact. Moreover, they place a high priority on the role of their technology commercialization efforts in achieving that impact, measured through the creation of economic and other societal benefits. Political leaders, voters, donors and other stakeholders want to know what return they can we expect on university research and development […]

University Technology Commercialization Survey: Excerpts

Following up on the development of the Opus Faveo Innovation Impact™ Score, Opus Faveo conducted a detailed survey of technology commercialization practices and views among the top 200 research institutions in the U.S. and Canada. Our findings provide important new information for leaders and key stakeholders of universities, medical schools, hospitals and other research institutions. […]

University Startups and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: Best Practices

As part of its ongoing research into technology commercialization at universities, medical schools, hospitals and other research institutions, Opus Faveo analyzed best practices among leaders in forming startups and creating effective entrepreneurial ecosystems.  This report is available for purchase and download.