Executive Entrepreneurs

"Enthusiasm and naïveté have their merits.
But proven, highly trained and experienced managers make good leaders too. Wisdom also has its merits."

Young innovators. The triumph of hope over they cynicism of reality. These are the stories of novels and film. We love them too. And they do occur in real life. However... 

Experienced executives have been carefully identified through rigorous selection processes.  They have been trained, with often large investments made in them by their employers. They have been initiated by fire. Experience upon experience, giving them reality-based touchstones to which they can refer with every new challenge. They are buoyed by past victories and hardened by defeats.

When searching for leaders in critical roles, Boards of Directors do no usually cite inexperience as a virtue. And they generally do not task executive search firms to find candidates whose prime qualification is innocence. And yet, youth and immaturity are often the traits most closely associated with leaders of new ventures.

We support young entrepreneurs, but Opus Faveo has a particular interest in attracting, supporting and encouraging executive entrepreneurs, which we define as experienced professionals with 10+ years of experience who have an interest in building a new venture. Our objective is to provide a positive and supportive environment where experienced people with entrepreneurial ambitions can thrive, work, and increase economic activity through venture development.

Traits of the Executive Entrepreneur

  • Highly developed networks and social capital
  • Management and industry experience
  • Strong technical and managerial skills
  • Sound personal financial position
  • Self-confidence arising from a history of performance
  • A sustained ability to drive results
  • Proven ability to recruit and lead a team
  • A demonstrated ability to teach, as well as learn
  • An intense desire to build something of their own

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