For Their Inventions to Reach the Market, Researchers May Need a Venture-Development Assist

From The Chronicle of Higher Education – Read the article here

Opus Faveo is pleased to be featured in a recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education. What do venture development firms do? According to the article, “they ‘de-risk’ the innovation in a startup and fatten it up enough for the venture-capital firms or big companies to swoop in. And they are becoming the new normal in commercialization, or tech transfer.” As venture capital firms and even angel funds now more commonly limit investments to lower-risk, later-stage companies, university tech transfer offices have begun looking to venture-development firms to fill that vacuum by helping researchers and entrepreneurs raise seed capital and build their technology into viable businesses. Universities, who frequently have equity, and licensing interests in these new startups, see venture development firms like Opus Faveo as essential partners in improving the odds for successful commercialization.

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