From Concept to Consideration: Creating a University Spin-out

July 2015

Most universities have star researchers whose unique technology platforms deserve serious consideration as a university spin-out. But creating new companies is so difficult, uncertain and complex that often universities either attempt to license derivative patents to an established company or simply allow opportunities to languish instead of exploiting the entrepreneurial opportunities that the technology platform offers.

But what if creating new university spin-outs could be demystified both for the university and for the researcher? On July 22nd Opus Faveo will be hosting a 30 minute webinar entitled “From Concept to Consideration: Creating a University Spin-Out”. Specifically designed for university administrators, research directors, technology transfer officers and individual research faculty members, this webinar will give you new perspectives on what has to happen to get a concept to the point where it can be seriously considered by potential customers, venture capital sources and supply chain partners.

Based on Opus Faveo’s experience creating spin-outs, we will discuss viability assessment, sequencing activities, attracting investment, building management teams, deploying university resources and a host of other topics all from the perspective of company builders. The webinar will be geared toward non-business professionals and will use examples from our own Opus Faveo spin-out portfolio.

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