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Opus Faveo works with universities and research institutions to define, measure, benchmark and improve their ability to generate impact through their research activities. We can provide customized services to meet the needs of an institution or specific stakeholders, including:

  • Board of Regents/Trustees
  • Office of the President
  • Provost
  • Vice President-Research
  • Technology Licensing/Commercialization Office
  • Alumni Organizations
  • Major Donors/Benefactors
  • Research Grantors/Sponsors

Services that Maximize Impact

Opus Faveo has also developed specific, process-driven services that can assist the institution in maximizing its research impact, enabling the institution to:

  • Attract more research funding.
  • Increase development effectiveness.
  • Improve faculty satisfaction.
  • Increase local, regional and global societal contributions.
  • Better compete for top faculty and students in a rapidly globalizing academic marketplace
  • Improve graduate employment.
  • Generate greater alumni engagement.
  • Increase public awareness of the institution.
  • Leapfrog competing institutions in rankings.

Please contact us to discuss how Opus Faveo can help you create more impact.  Pricing for all services is available upon request.

University Insight Project

Provide independent general assessment of a research institution or university's technology commercialization performance measured against relevant peer group. Utilize Opus Faveo’s proprietary Innovation Impact Scoring methodology to compare performance and identify best practices within that peer group. Survey of university’s technology commercialization staff and contrast against Opus Faveo proprietary national survey benchmarks. Generate gap analysis and high level recommendations.

Target:    University Presidents, Provosts and Board Members desiring objective high-level assessment of the overall health of its technology commercialization efforts.

University Diagnostic Project

Provide in-depth assessment of a university's technology commercialization strategy, activities, and performance. Perform the University Insight activities and augment through extensive interviews with technology transfer team, key principal investigators and other parties. Assess university's tech commercialization performance in more detail, including impact on economy, societal benefits, start-up success and conformity to university’s stated and implicit goals for technology impact. Provide in-depth profiles of selected peer group. Identify current gaps in strategy, performance and capabilities for tech commercialization; provide realistic recommendations for improving.

Target:    Presidents, Provosts and Vice Presidents of Research requiring an in-depth audit of current practices and an actionable plan for improvements based on proven best practices.

Start-Up Opportunity Assessment

Provide an opportunity assessment of a discrete invention or technology platform specifically related to the creation of new companies to commercialize. The assessment includes generating an understanding of the objectives of the Principal Investigator, the target industry, total addressable market, existing competition, and a preliminary assessment of the viability and attractiveness of the business concept, discussions with potential customers and preliminary documentation.

Target:    Vice Presidents of Research and Directors of Technology Transfer who wish to invest resources into a star researcher or a potentially valuable technology platform; also Principal Investigators eager to explore entrepreneurial commercialization prospects of a specific invention.

University Spin-Out Forum

An on-site, half day University Spin-out Forum that provides a high-level view of evaluating, supporting, licensing, staffing, funding, and ensuring success for university technology spin-outs. Rather than just providing education in new venture development, Opus Faveo has designed these forums to be a venue where stakeholders from different parts of the university can come together in one place to share expectations, recognize consensus, identify gaps and create new interaction around venture development.  Facilitate exciting dialogue among faculty researchers, tech commercialization officers, research offices, department heads, and university entrepreneurial centers: all together in one half-day session around specific issues of university spin-out development.

Target:    Presidents, Provosts, Vice Presidents of Research, Technology Commercialization Officers, and Deans wanting to promote communication and cooperation across the university, while also identifying strengths and gaps.

Portfolio Audit

Provide an independent third-part assessment of all university spin-outs, with particular focus on university equity-holdings tied to licenses of intellectual property.  The audit reviews the current status of spin-out companies, historical performance, prospects, management team, and valuation, concluding with a formal, written report.  Opus Faveo identifies strengths and weaknesses in the portfolio and its underlying companies, together with actionable recommendations. 

Target:    Presidents, Provosts, Vice Presidents of Research and Directors of Technology Transfer who wish to understand the state of their portfolio as well as identify opportunities for improving portfolio performance going forward.

Other Custom Projects

Design of custom projects to meet the needs of the stakeholder.  Customized projects can include:

  • Strategic positioning analysis.
  • Peer definition, assessment and benchmarking.
  • Strategic planning facilitation with stakeholders.
  • Custom or sponsored surveys for institutions or associations.
  • Prepare university spin-outs for launch, fund-raising activities, strategic partnerships, or customer acquisition.
  • Recruiting of management teams for spin-outs.
  • Business plan reviews.
  • Competitive market analyses.
  • Organizational design assistance.

Target:    All stakeholders with specific challenges, questions or opportunities needing support, guidance or assistance.

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