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Opus Faveo Institutional + Corporate Innovation

Opus Faveo Institutional + Corporate Innovation provides actionable solutions to leadership in academia, government, and the private sector, increasing impact through stakeholder engagement, rigorous analysis, and effective communication and outreach programs.

Our focus is on maximizing impact through strategy and leadership.


Universities, Medical Schools,
and Research Institutions


National, Multilateral
State, Regional & Municipal


Multinationals, Large Cap,
and Middle Market

Innovation Impact

Innovation is a priority.

Innovation is hope for a better future.

Innovation solves problems.

Innovation increases productivity.

Innovation creates opportunities, growth, and jobs.

Innovation is a perpetual objective and challenge for large organizations. Corporate leadership, university presidents and administration, and public policy makers, all see the need for, and benefits of, commercial innovation, but the mechanisms for achieving it remain simplistic, prone to bureaucratic jargon and infighting, and ultimately difficult to measure or assess.

Opus Faveo has developed and continues to invest in proprietary frameworks for maximizing innovation impact, understanding policy tools available to leaders, benchmarking innovation initiatives and outcomes against peers and the best-in-class, and assessing overall effectiveness and impact of innovation commercialization efforts.

Thought Leadership

Innovation Impact Index

In collaboration with the George W. Bush Institute, Opus Faveo Innovation Development released a new ranking of U.S. universities and research institutions for “innovation impact,” an important measure showing the impact of innovation activities on technological progress in the wider economy and society.

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Crisis Innovation and Post-pandemic Scenarios

The Covid-19 pandemic has altered the landscape in which all organizations function and has impacted every aspect of life. It has also accelerated already growing trends such as telework, online learning, telemedicine and e-commerce.

To develop perspectives on the post-pandemic environment, our research and consulting divisions conducted an extensive scenario planning effort based on the Delphi method. In total, a panel of 27 senior leaders independently assessed and rated over 130 discrete future scenarios and assigned probabilities to each.

Our panel was constructed to represent a diverse cross-section of organizations, including senior leaders in business, education, the non-profit sector, health care, finance and government. The result is a rich database, consisting of over 7,000 data points, providing insights into the future we will all face together after the Covid pandemic is resolved.

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Scope of Services

Opus Faveo has developed a proprietary framework to develop strategies that result in real innovation impact, to address current challenges, manage the current health and economic crisis resulting from the coronavirus pandemic and take advantage of the opportunities presented by this crisis. Our services include:

Innovation Vision
  • Identify key stakeholders
  • Interview and assess views
  • Structured process to define and align
  • Report and presentation to key stakeholders
  • Periodic review and realignment
Innovation Map
  • Analysis of innovation activities
  • Review of public information
  • Attitude and perception assessment
  • Report and presentation to key stakeholders
  • Periodic review and reassessment
Innovation Benchmarks
  • Identify peers and competitors
  • Examine peer/competitor innovation impact
  • Identify leader/laggard traits
  • Report and presentation to key stakeholders
  • Periodic review and reassessment
Innovation Metrics
  • Convert Innovation Vision into quantifiable metrics
  • Tracking framework for performance metrics
  • Scenario modeling and management
  • Report and presentation to key stakeholders
  • Periodic review and reassessment
Innovation Reputation
  • Determine reputation drivers
  • Measure audience/stakeholder perception of innovation impact
  • Align Innovation Vision with PR strategy
  • Report and presentation to key stakeholders
  • Periodic review and reassessment
Other Innovation Strategy Services
  • Process innovation
  • Investor relations
  • Public affairs
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Public policy research & recommendations

Opus Faveo. Innovation Strategy for Leaders and Policy Makers.