Opus Faveo on Valuation

IMG_4264Opus Faveo Partners, David Overton and Christian Blackwell, recently led a seminar on valuation of early stage companies for the Lubbock Angel Network (“LAN”) and Texas Tech University. LAN, led by Eli Velasquez and Ryan Reber, is a new but serious organization focused on providing early stage capital to companies, especially those based in West Texas, an area that is one of the most important agricultural and wind-power regions in the world.

“We were impressed by the caliber of investors, and the seriousness with which they are approaching venture investing,” said Christian Blackwell. “They have already developed partnerships with other networks within and outside of Texas, and they are even attracting companies from Silicon Valley.”

As part of its focus on improving innovation development, Opus Faveo conducts workshops and provides assistance to investors and angel groups in order to help them improve their skills. Opus Faveo believes that more successful investors will attract more capital, increased innovation and greater economic growth. For more information, contact Jim Stewart at Opus Faveo.

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