Opus Faveo Partner Leads Webinar for Mexican Scientists

The “Red de Talentos Mexicanos“, or Mexican Talent Network, is a program initiated by the Foreign Ministry and Economy Ministry of Mexico in order to foster relationships, interactions and the development of leading scientists, thinkers and leaders of Mexican origin wherever in the world they may live.

Opus Faveo Managing Partner Christian Blackwell was recently invited to lead a webinar on innovation impact, universities and spinouts by leaders of the Dallas chapter. The webinar, delivered in Spanish, was broadcasted to university lecture halls across Mexico and included participants from several countries.

Commenting on the webinar, Blackwell stated, “The interest in this webinar and especially the discussion at the end highlight that getting smarter about innovation is both a challenge and an opportunity worldwide. The importance of taking a global view of innovation policy and learning from examples across counties is a theme that Opus Faveo has been practicing and preaching since its foundation. No country, including the United States, has a lock on successful university innovation policies and, in fact, most of the problems are not country specific. If anything, emerging market universities and their scientists have an opportunity to leapfrog competing universities in the U.S. or Europe because of their willingness to try new approaches to creating impact.”

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